Sharing has never been this easy!

ProfileMe provides a platform that makes direct communication with your client, and prospects like them, impossibly easy.

Showcase your ProfileMe anywhere, anytime.

Power at your Finger Tips!

An Elegant, Fast & Efficient way to get into your prospects’ pockets, gain more referrals and make a great first impression!

Click to Call or Email

Click to Navigate

Click to SMS or WhatsApp

Save to Phone Contacts

Save to Home Screen

Click to Share/Refer

Contact-free and environmentally friendly.

ProfileMe provides a platform that makes direct communication with your client, and prospects like them, impossibly easy.

One Click to share everything your client needs to know, right to the place where we spend the most time, our phones.

Super Charge Your Business Profile

Backed by the Power of your Personal or Corporate Brand, all combined into one beautifully designed interface.

Fast & Efficient.
A Powerful Distribution Mechanism

Easy to use. Easy to share. Extend your business beyond the norm. Integrate with a direct communication strategy.

Cost Efficient for the Lean Business Environment

Saving on printing costs. Forever. Reduce wastage and support a greener business model.

Professionally Designed. Thoroughly Researched.

Customised for each client's Brand by a highly experienced team of Designers and Developers. All set-up is done for you.

We Offer a Perfect Solution

ProfileMe is not only a Digital Business Card, it’s also a powerful digital sales tool that displays all your business information and tools in one place.

With a specific focus on making the referral process and forwarding of your Business Profile impossibly easy, ProfileMe offers you a digital solution to having rich content in your pocket, that is easily sharable with friends, colleagues and customers.

A way to express yourself in ways never before possible with a digital profile. Showcasing your work, photos, videos and custom links has never been this easy.

Utilise our share options and take your brand viral, gone are the days of paper based information.

Built for a Mobile-first
Digital Economy.

Make a great first impression and make it simple for your client to:

  • Get in touch.
  • Get to know who you are, what you do and why you do it.
  • To verify you and build trust.
  • To drive engagement and referrals.

Share your profile, backed by the power of your personal or corporate brand, at the click of a button. All within one beautifully designed interface, from your phone's home screen. Grow, enhance and excellerate your Digital Footprint.

Sharing has never been this easy!


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